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In and near Budapest – or in the countryside

Modernising heating systems

Modernising heating systems

Low profile underfloor heating system installation (25mm dry underfloor heating system)

  • Suitable for existing solid floors in apartments/flats
  • It works with maximum energy efficiency in condensing boilers
  • The warm floor provides you with a feeling of comfort
25 mm dry underfloor heating system Uponor Siccus

Esztrich underfloor heating system

underfloor heating system combined with radiator
Modernising heating systems by replacing existing convectors with Mika 6 boiler
  • No need to include gas engineering designer
  • Safer system in general
  • Can be installed without any demolition
  • It replaces 3-4 convectors’ heating demand, by which 3-4 convectors’ annual service fee can be saved
  • It doesn’t dry up the air (like convectors do)
  • Can be operated via room thermostat, which can be wifi connected
  • Maximum 70nm room can be heated
  • Can be used for making hot water
  • Can replace eletric water heaters that operate on off-peak electricity
  • In a 50m2 apartment the annual gas usage is approximately 75.000 HUF
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